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Every year, more than 100 million animals - including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish and birds - they were tortured and killed in experimental and testing laboratories. Not inflicting pain on animals should be sufficient motivation to start using non-cruelty products, but there are other benefits to choosing them.

Products without cruelty to animals are better for the environment, they are healthier, they make you happier, and the choice of brands in the cosmetics industry is great. These are some of the reasons why cruelty free choice is a better choice. Keep reading because there are more reasons. Plus, did you know that stars like Serena Williams, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Albe are cruelty-free beauty entrepreneurs?

Whether you are looking for cruelty free products or not, you might notice that the term cruelty free or non-cruelty is often used everywhere. It is used by companies to package their products, and beauty bloggers often mention it. But what does cruelty free or cruelty actually mean? In short, the term cruelty free simply means that the product and its ingredients have not been tested on animals. If you want to know more about the term cruelty free and how to recognize a cruelty free product, read the text on the blog What is a cruelty-free product or a product without cruelty?

Some companies will say they do not conduct animal testing if it is not prescribed by law - it means that they decide to pay for testing on animals so they can sell more products in China. The best way to be sure is to buy only from companies that are in the database listed as cruelty free, ie without cruelty.

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One main tip: vegan does not necessarily mean cruelty free and vice versa. A product without cruelty can be made with animal ingredients such as lipstick (crushed insects), and a vegan product can be tested on animals. We always suggest choosing vegan and cruelty free products.

There is no justification for companies to test on animals. Animal testing companies have decided to test on animals. Switching to products without cruelty, ie. Cruelty free products is one of the best ways to refuse testing on animals.

Animals are living beings that feel pain just like us. We firmly believe that every soul that breathes deserves compassion, respect and kindness. In Be pure the absence of cruelty will always be at the heart of our philosophy. Being cruel to animals means a lot to us, we think it's important and we think so "No cruelty" can be better for the soul!! In our offer you will find only cruelty free products that are also vegan.


  1. Animal testing is more horrible than you think

The animals used in the experiments were not limited to small cages and inhumane conditions, they were also subjected to tests that were more than cruel. Some animals are forced inhale toxic gases, some are for hours immobilized on devices, some have drilled openings in the skulls, burnt skin or are blinded. Eventually the animals were killed. They are basically bred to live a life of fear and suffering. And you should always keep in mind that these are the same animals as those that are around on a daily basis.


  1. Animal testing is not required

 There are several animal testing options that companies can choose from, such as in-vitro tests (performed on cells) or artificial tissue. This means that all companies that conduct animal testing, they do it not out of necessity, but because they want to. Namely, animal testing for cosmetics not prescribed by law in much of the world. So, don't be fooled excuses companies - "Because it is required by law.", "Because there is no alternative." or "Because we have to." Science favors alternatives to animal testing because they are more convincing, but animal testing has an advantage because it is cheap. Animals are used only because they are "more accessible", which is extremely unethical.


  1. There are over 7,000 safe cosmetic ingredients

To formulate their products, companies can choose from a list of more than 7,000 ingredients that have already been proven to be safe. This just proves that they don’t need to test more ingredients on animals. The only companies that decide to test more ingredients on animals do so because they want to design new, innovative ingredients to increase their profits.

  1. You will protect many species of animals

Although people often think of laboratory tests when they think of animal testing, testing is performed on all species of animals. From rabbits to dogs, there are a number of animals that are tested in laboratories. If you are an animal lover, you may not be comfortable using products that have been tested on domesticated animals. Watch a short animated film Save Ralph on animal testing from the Humane Society International. Animal testing is not a necessary practice in the beauty industry. Many companies have proven that it is possible to create safe and effective products without animal testing. If the demand for non-cruelty products increases, the number of animals tested will decrease. You will have a role to play in protecting these animals.


  1. Cruelty-free cosmetics are healthier

We must remember; the skin is our largest organ. If you look at the label and see an ingredient that would harm your liver or spleen, imagine the effects it will have on your skin. Many brands offer green products without cruelty free of potentially harmful chemicals. This means that the ingredients you put on your skin or hair are natural and do not contain chemicals that you cannot even pronounce and do not know their origin. Also, non-cruelty products usually have fewer ingredients in total composition.

When you are especially looking for products without cruelty, you will pay more attention to the cosmetics you use. You’ll probably read more reviews, look at ingredient lists, and learn more about companies that make these types of products. To buy cosmetics without cruelty, you will have to become a smarter customer. Researching cosmetics will help you find products that do not use animal testing, but will make it relatively easier for you to find high-quality products that will suit you.

It is important to say yes chemicals commonly used in products tested on animals are harmful not only to the skin but also to the planet. Chemicals that are difficult to pronounce do not necessarily belong to our faces and skin. Instead, opt for more natural ingredients that are a better universal choice for humans and the planet.


  1. You will promote positive change in the beauty industry

Change is not something that happens overnight. It’s something that happens gradually. At one point, it was common for cosmetic products to use animal testing. Slowly but surely, that is changing. Every year, the number of companies offering products without cruelty increased. If you want to promote such changes, you need to show companies that there is a real demand for such products. Choosing cosmetics that have not been tested on animals is a great way to promote such changes.

The best way to combat this unethical practice is to vote with your own money. In our society, money speaks. Every time you buy something, you tell companies you want more than that thing. The same is true when you decide not to buy something and choose an alternative instead.

Going back to organizations that support solid goals and missions is a great way to do something that will leave a lasting impact on our planet. Many  companies that do business without animal cruelty have a personal interest for the problems plaguing our planet, such as the extinction of animal species and global warming. For this reason, they have partnerships with organizations and are committed to donating money with every purchase for noble and valuable purposes.

  1. Thousands of great brands are cruelty free

Today, there are thousands of brands that are without cruelty. Gone are the days when choosing a product without cruelty meant just buying a patchouli lotion at a small local store. We can still support all the great independent companies, but many mainstream big name brands have now become without cruelty. You don’t really limit yourself so much to change, because there are so many great brands without cruelty.


  1. You can switch gradually

If you want to change, you don’t have to stop using the products you are currently using. Since you have already bought these products, there is no need to throw them away. Consume the products you currently have. When these products are ready to be replaced, you can look for an option that is non-cruel. If you replace one product at a time, it should be a simple procedure. In the end, all the products you use will be cruelty free. Tips on how to start the transition to cruelty free cosmetics can be found here.

Many people worry about animal testing, especially in the beauty industry. Because of that easily find lists that will tell you which brands are testing and which are not testing on animals. You don’t have to do all the work yourself. There are a lot of tools to help you along the way. You can always contact us if you need help.


  1. Cruelty-free shopping is better for the planet as well

 By purchasing only the necessary items, we also reduce waste and we contribute our small part to be more aware and less wasteful of our resources. When you support a company by buying a product, you are investing in its value, whether you like it or not. Would you rather support work whose values ​​reflect your own - a brand that actually cares about the planet and its inhabitants?


  1. Do good - you feel good

 The beauty industry likes to hide its dark side and act like animal testing isn’t happening behind the scenes or that it’s not as bad as it really is. If you were not previously aware of the cruelty of animal testing, it is OK. Now that you know, you can make better decisions which can have a major impact on animals around the world and the planet itself.

What could be better for the world and its surroundings than those who are sincerely happy? Buying products without cruelty makes people feel good, knowing that they support animal rights, as well as helping the planet in countless ways, even with just one small purchase. Do something good for the planet by switching to non-cruelty products, if you haven’t already! Awareness of the sustainability and environmental commitment of the brands you support makes a big difference to our planet, so don’t hesitate to educate yourself on this important topic. You have the power to make a difference, and when you do, you will surely feel great!

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By purchasing products without cruelty you are giving a statement to the companies who are still testing on animals, their friends and family, and the wider community. The statement is that I as a consumer refuse to invest money in these unethical, outdated animal testing practices. By sharing these products on social media and those around you, the practice of buying products without cruelty will become commonplace. If enough people boycott companies that are still testing on animals, we can send a clear and important message that will create real change.

Unfortunately, many companies have a choice whether to test their chemicals and ingredients on animals or not. You may be wondering why animal testing is still happening - if the injured customer sues the company, the company can provide data from approved animal experiments as a defense. Any ‘new’ ingredient or chemical must also be tested on animals to create safety data, despite the fact that you already have over 7000 safe ingredients to choose from!

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The companies have convinced us that animal testing is necessary to know if the products are safe for human use. It is true that there are reasonable alternatives to animal testing to ensure the safety of the ingredients. For example, many companies have decided to use in vitro testing, which has many advantages over animal testing. In fact, places like the EU have decided to use in vitro testing to completely replace animal testing.

There are also cultured cell tissues, as well as computer models that can be used to replace animal testing practices. To formulate their products, companies can choose from a list of over 7,000 ingredients that have already been proven safe in previous tests. This means that companies no longer need to test ingredients on animals. The only ones companies that opt ​​for more ingredient testing on animals they do it because they want to come up with new, revolutionary ingredients to increase their profits. This is one of the reasons to choose organic and vegan cosmetics as well as cruelty free. That way, you can be sure of the quality and morality of the ingredients that are put in your cosmetics.

On top of everything else, laboratory animals are not protected by any laws. As for the people in charge of the industry and the legislators, testing on laboratory animals is not considered abuse or cruel. We try to protect pets from abuse, but laboratory rabbits, mice, dogs, cats and other animals do not have the same rights. That in itself is reason enough to buy cosmetics without cruelty.

Thank you that you became cruelty free and made a difference!







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