11 Simple Natural Looks - Makeup for Every Day


When it comes to makeup, sometimes less is more. Glamorous looks are the age, but they are simply not practical for everyday occasions like school or work. Natural makeup will enhance your features and not hide flaws. It’s a simple approach that focuses on a few key areas - skin, eyes and lips - and subtly highlights the best. You’ll use fewer products, you’ll take less time, and you don’t have to know any complex techniques to achieve a look. Read on to learn how to achieve a natural look with makeup and be inspired by quick and easy guides.


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1. Subtle wings on the eyes

Replace your shower or matte shadow pencil. There is softness like this, but the wing still gives the illusion of an elongated eye like a cat. Use light eyeshadow, pencils or Pacifica brand shower. Since you are doing a matte shade, you only need to take a little product to get the look you want. Pacifica makeup is light in texture, mineral and easy to apply and has not been tested on animals or contains animal ingredients such as lipstick.

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2. Shiny eyelids

Glossy eye makeup is a beautiful but subtle way to get all the attention with your eyes. This look refers to radiance and shine and brings more light to the eye area. First, use an eye shadow that has a pink tint for example, the Pacifica brand over the eyelid upwards through the crease. On top of that, apply a light brown shade from the same palette. You can also mix both colors. Play until you get the look you want. Also add shine to the tops of the cheekbones using the same palette. Spread your fingers light pink on the cheekbones.

85.00 kn (~ 11,32 €)


3. Emphasized eyelids

Emphasize eyelids with natural, light shades using Pacifica eye shadows. Apply the product with your fingers to the center of the eyelid or the corner of the eye for a subtle look. If you want more shine, use this eyeshadow in which there is a great shade that will give the look a shimmer. Mixing and matching textures and color layers is a fun way to get more dimension.



3. Yellow lips

For a fresh look on your lips, apply your favorite shade by tapping it with your fingers. Slightly soft makeup products also work. Pacifica lipsticks that are creamy and light are our favorite.

108.00 kn (~ 14,38 €)


4. Glossy skin

Shiny skin is one of those makeup trends that will never go out of fashion. While makeup can help boost dew, it’s crucial to focus on skin preparation. Use gentle scrubs to smooth out all dry spots and a good moisturizer. Then apply powders such as Pacifica Perfect Lotus. Finally, use bronzer on high points of your face.

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5. Solid makeup

If you don’t have the time (or space in your makeup bag), using the same tone on your eyes, cheeks and lips is so cohesive and easy. This will be a great makeup look forever. You can use one or two shades in all features. We recommend Pacifica shades that you can apply with your fingers on all areas of the face because it is natural and mineral. For example, dab Pacifica lipstick on your cheeks and lips.



6. Nude lips

They offer classic lips for a reason - they can combine any look without looking too "finished". Choose a color that is about two shades lighter than your skin. Use a brownish foundation that is only one shade lighter to create more dimension and depth around the mouth. Mix pencil and lipstick to make it look flawless.

70.55 kn (~ 9,39 €)


7. Glossy lips

The shine is not going anywhere. Feel free to apply gloss to give your lips a juicy look. Pacifica glosses are natural, light and without plasticizers.

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8. Blush look

To achieve a flushed look, use the same shades all over your face to create a monochromatic look (simple look). It brings brightness to the face and allows that one shade to really stand out. Don’t be afraid, just adjust the tools you use to gently create the color until you’re satisfied.



9. Natural eyebrows

If you only have 10 minutes to prepare, try to play your eyebrows. Full, fluttery eyebrows are modern and cool, especially when paired with natural makeup. Fill in the rare areas by creating hair-like strokes. The key is to keep the tip of your eyebrow pencil sharp.



10. Makeup without powder

The powder-free look is becoming more and more fashionable, as well as not hiding the "flaws" of the skin. We must do our best to emphasize that skin comes in all textures, colors and conditions, and that as a person it does not make or break us. When we reduce some of the talk about the importance of skin appearance in a certain way and include skin types that differ from the norm of pure skin, more people will be able to apply skin neutrality in their daily lives. Simply accentuate the high points of your face with bronzer, or accentuate your eyes or lips.








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