14 Make-up Looks If You Have Blue Eyes

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes

For many people, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and are also some of our favorite features to play up and accentuate. Regardless of their color, shape, or other distinguishing features, eyes of all kinds are beautiful, and there are tons of tricks to learn to make your eyes pop.

There are many different shades of blue eyes - some are flecked with gray and others with flecks of green pigments. Learn how to create a glamorous look that accentuates your natural eye color.

Eyeshadows are available in every color of the rainbow, so finding the right color palette for your eye color can take time and patience. As a general rule, choose options on the color wheel—a circular diagram that shows the relationships between different colors—that are the opposite of your eye color to create a pleasing visual contrast. For example, warmer tones, such as pale orange, yellow or gold, are a dynamic accent for blue eyes, as they oppose blue on the color wheel. However, the best way to bring out your eye color is to choose shades that reflect your natural shades.

Choose opposite tones on the color wheel

It used to be said that if you want to bring out blue eyes, you should choose an orange eyeshadow. The real case is that if you want to emphasize a color, put it next to the opposite color on the color wheel. The eyes are rarely pure blue. Eyes have dimensions and undertones. If you have blue/green eyes, choose orange shades. If you have blue/grey eyes, choose shades of yellow tones. If you have darker blue eyes, yellow and orange shades will help make them stand out more. If you have blue/brown eyes, choose yellow/green undertones. If you have light blue eyes, orange, red and pink shades are best for you.

What colors make the blue eyes pop?

Different eyeshadow colors can affect the look of blue eyes, so experiment with different palettes to find the most suitable option for your needs. Here are some colors you can try:

1. Orange tones: Warm orange tones oppose blue on the color wheel, so using orange eyeshadow is a great way to make blue eyes stand out. Unlike some darker eyeshadow colors, the orange tones will not overpower or mask the shade of blue eyes. Mix orange with pale beige or pink eyeshadow to bring out the bold blue of your eyes. Some gold eyeshadows also have an orange tint to them, so consider adding a shimmery gold layer for a dramatic look.

2. Blue tones: Applying blue eyeshadow is an easy way to enhance the natural intensity of your blue eyes. If you have blue eyes with a gray undertone, mix a light blue eyeshadow with silver shimmer to create a day or evening look. For a more dramatic look, consider applying a dark blue eyeshadow along the lower lash line. Play around with different shades, mixing lighter blue eyeshadows along the inner corners of the eyes and darker blue eyeshadows along the outer corners.

3. Matt brown: Matte eyeshadows are great for daytime looks because they seamlessly blend with your skin's texture. Soft brown tones emphasize blue eyes, so mix soft shades of matte beige and brown eyeshadows for a natural look. Aim to use shades of brown that reflect your natural skin tone to match your makeup to your complexion.

4. Green shades: If your eyes change from blue to green under different types of lighting, consider using a soft green eyeshadow. Lighter greens, such as turquoise and teal, complement blue eyes, while darker, more intense shades, such as emerald green, can be overwhelming.

Try these make-up looks that highlight your eyes.

1. Warm brown tones

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 2

Warm shades of brown are a wonderful everyday look for blue eyes. For a quick and easy way to wear the shade, we suggest applying a powder shadow over the lids, then lining the upper and lower lids with a darker chestnut pencil for definition. Deep espresso shades also go perfectly with blue eyes.

2. Smudged eyeliner

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 3

Dark brown or black eyeliner or shadow smudged on the upper and lower lash line creates the perfect smoky look for blue eyes.

3. Sparkling champagne color

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 4

For a hint of sparkle that will really make blue eyes pop when it catches the light, look no further than champagne eyeshadow. Champagnes, light copper and rose gold are great neutral choices for blue eyes. They create the perfect neutral background for light eyes and really bring out different shades of eye color. Simply touch the lids with a glossy shade like Pacifica with your fingertip, apply a few coats of mascara and you're ready.

4. Orange for a monochrome look

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 5

It might not be the first color you'd gravitate towards in an eyeshadow palette, but orange/terracotta looks beautiful on blue eyes. A monochromatic (one-color) look perfectly highlights blue eyes, doesn't it?

5. Plum color

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 6

The rich undertones of the plum eyeshadow are the perfect contrast to blue eyes. Smoky shadow for an edgy, unexpected twist on a classic eye makeup technique. A light plum color or a smokey look will highlight your eyes.

6. Classic smokey eye

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 7

If in doubt, a classic smokey eye is always a good idea for blue eyes, especially for an evening look.

7. Blue on blue

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 8

Yes, blue-eyed girls can wear makeup with blue shades! Try blue eyeshadow or eyeliner in cobalt or aqua shades. You can add sparkle to the corners of your eyes with a champagne eyeshadow.

8. Modern mouave

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 9

A pale purple is all you need for this look to make your eyes stand out. Start by blending a light mauve shadow on the lid and continue with a deeper version for the eye line. When using eyeshadow as an eyeliner, all you need is an angled brush to help you apply it across the lash line.

9. Simple silver

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 10

Silver applied over the lids and inner corner of the eyes could be one of the fastest ways to accentuate blue eyes. An even easier way is to apply a silver pencil as an eyeliner.

10. Emerald green

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 11

Jewel tones of emerald green will beautify every shade of blue eyes. Start by applying an emerald color on the lids, then blend it well with the neighboring shades to make it as smoky or soft as you like.

11. Lilac color

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 12

Purple eyeshadows on blue eyes can turn our dreams into reality: they enrich them in the best way and come in many different shades.

12. Champagne

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 13

Mixing champagne with dark brown, bronze or even gray tones can instantly lift blue eyes. Each color brings out the blue, and on days when you want to keep it simple, you can wear champagne as a solo color. Mix to your heart's content!

13. Pink

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 14

There's no limit to the looks you can create with pink eyeshadow. For this look, apply the brown tones on the lids, then the pink shade on the inner corners outwards, brush the brows and voila!

14. Fine gray

14 Make up looks if you have blue eyes 15

Whether it's monochromatic or combined with smoky shades, gray eyeshadow brings out blue eyes in the best way. If you're feeling creative, apply a soft, silvery shadow to the lids, then follow up by blending a deeper gray tone into the crease like this gorgeous look.

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