Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step

When we meet someone with glowing, youthful skin, our first instinct is to ask them what products they use. However, such skin can be attributed to one simple but very useful skin care habit: facial massage. Incorporating the right facial massage techniques into your daily skin care routine can be the secret to not only an improved glow but also a firmer, wrinkle-free face. How that? First of all, massaging the skin improves circulation, which brings "more blood cells to the skin, more oxygen and better absorption of products," explains esthetician Sonya Dakar (Byrdie). Certain methods can also smooth forehead lines and reduce stress and headaches, which in turn can reduce frown lines and the wrinkles that result from them, she says.

Let's first see what facial massage entails and what are the benefits of facial massage. Below you will find out which movements to use for a specific part of the face.

What is a facial massage?

Recent popularity in the Western world has many skin care enthusiasts seeking facial massage, an art that has existed for centuries in countries such as China, Mexico and Sweden.

By definition, facial massage is a practice from ancient Chinese medicine intended to stimulate circulation in the skin by manipulating and rubbing the skin on the face to drain the lymphatic system. Practitioners claim that with consistent exercise, muscle memory can be formed, and loose skin in areas such as wrinkles can be tightened over time.

What are the benefits of facial massage?

Read on to find out what some research and anecdotal evidence says about the benefits of facial massage.

  1. Against aging and wrinkles

One of the main benefits of facial massage is its ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin. A small 2017 study examined the effectiveness of a facial massage that included a stimulating massage device. Participants used an anti-aging device and cream on their face and neck for 8 weeks. The effects of the cream are enhanced when used with facial massage. They saw each other improvements in wrinkles, sagging skin and texture (Healthline).

  1. Sinus pressure

Sinus massage too it can help promote mucus drainage, relieve headaches and stimulate circulation.

  1. Acne

Skin stimulation by massage can help promote blood circulation and reduce acne breakouts. Don't be too aggressive in your approach. Avoid harsh movements or scrubbing, especially on sensitive areas.

  1. Shiny skin

A facial massage can be just the ticket if you want glowing, glowing skin. A 2002 survey found that 59 percent of women who had a facial massage reported feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. About 54 percent reported supple skin, while 50 percent experienced skin tightening. (Healthline). A wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that facial muscle stimulation can help tighten skin, relax tight muscles and boost circulation.

  1. Blood supply to the skin

Using a roller for facial massage has a positive effect on blood circulation in the skin, which can help improve the appearance of the skin. According to a small 2018 study, people who had a 5-minute facial with a massage roller had increased blood flow to the area for at least 10 minutes after the massage. After 5 weeks of massage, the blood flow response to heat improved significantly. (Healthline). Find out what a Rose Quartz Roller is and how it can help you here.

  1. Facial rejuvenation

Facial massages can help in release from tension, while improving relaxation and skin health.

  1. Manage scar tissue

If you have a scar on your face that is in the process of healing, massage can be very beneficial. Massaging the scar tissue and surrounding areas can increase blood flow, relax nearby tissues and even out unevenness. Facial massage can also help relieve symptoms such as pain, itching and tenderness. In 2014, researchers found that massage therapy was effective in reducing skin pain and itching while improving the appearance of raised burn scars (Healthline).

How to prepare for a facial massage?

Facials are easy to incorporate into your nightly routine—or weekly if that works better for your schedule. Here are a few things you need to know before you get started:

  • A good facial massage should be applied with warm hands, with light to medium pressure, by continuous contact and should be fluid and smooth. Your fingers and hands should never drag or tug on the skin - it should be easy.
  • Make sure your face and hands are thoroughly clean before you start and are your nails short.
  • Touch your face with love and tenderness; be gentle and considerate. If you have skin issues you'd like to heal, set a healing intention before you begin or try a simple gratitude practice.
  • Wet your palms and fingertips with oil or serum of your choice. The oil will treat skin problems while allowing more gliding across the skin.

Facial massage against wrinkles - movements

The first step is always to clean your face and hands. Next, apply your favorite oil to your palms and fingers.

The pressure on the skin should be gentle but firm.

To do:

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 1

Using your index and middle fingers, gently slide from the corners to the ends of your eyes. Follow the shape of the eye when moving. Repeat the movement 8 to 10 times.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 2

Then we immediately go to the eyebrows. Place your fingertips on your temples with your index and middle fingers. Massage gently for a few seconds before gliding your fingers under the eye area, towards the bridge of the nose, then up and over the browbone, finishing the oval path back at the temple. Repeat this movement 8 to 10 times.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 3

With two fingers on each hand, move from the middle of the chin outwards and towards the ears. One finger should go above the jaw line and the other below. Repeat the movement 8 to 10 times.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 4

Then move to the area under the cheekbones. Here you can use your fingers or open palms. Repeat 8 to 10 times.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 5

Go over the cheekbones as well, starting from the corners of the lips outwards. Repeat 8 to 10 times. Are you already feeling the effects of the massage?

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 6

Then, make a few movements from the corners of the lips to the corners of the eyes.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 7

Next, let's go to the nose area. With your middle finger, stay on the area of ​​the nostrils and make small circular movements that will end with the nose upwards. Repeat several times.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 8

You will now move to the front. Use the same light technique, working from the center of the forehead outwards and using upward strokes from the eyebrows to the hairline. You'll want to use your thumbs to make vertical strokes and keep your other fingers close together for horizontal strokes from the middle of your forehead to the ends of your face.

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 10

Neck and décolletage massage

Facial Massage at Home - Step by Step 9

Don't miss your neck and cleavage! For these areas, use light, quick movements along the neck to the jawline to lift the skin. Open your palms and massage the neck from below towards the chin. Start with your left hand on the left side of the neck and then your right hand on the right side of the neck. Repeat 8 to 10 times.

Finally, gently place your hands over your face and take a few deep, relaxing breaths. With each exhalation, feel how your body is releasing everything that is holding on, that does not serve you.




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