3 Ways to Use Body Scrub

3 ways to use body scrub

Are you one of those people who pay more attention to the skin of the face than the skin of the body? We are certainly one of those. We admit that we give more care to facial skin care, from cleaning, peeling, serums, oils... Maybe the skin on the face attracts all the attention, but the rest of the skin of our body has similar problems that we generally take care of on the face skin, such as wrinkles on the chest, hyperpigmentation on hands and what we know as pimples on the back. Then there's the familiar problem of dry, dull skin. There is one solution to all the above dilemmas: body scrubs.

Let's start with the question:

What is a body scrub?

Body scrubs are mechanical exfoliators, meaning they physically remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin with abrasive ingredients, such as sugar or salt.

This stimulates skin cell turnover, resulting in smoother, brighter skin and possibly preventing future acne breakouts.

Peeling ensures the removal of dead skin cells, strengthening the whole the health of your skin increasing blood flow, stimulating collagen production and improving texture and shine.

And dermatologists agree that exfoliating can help if your skin looks dry and dull, says Suzanne Friedler, a board-certified dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC.

Depending on your skin type, some body scrubs may not work well for you.

From clearing acne to evening out the complexion, body scrubs are a proven solution for smoothing out rough, uneven skin (known as keratosis pilaris). 

According to Kerry Benjamin (esthetician and founder of StackedSkincare), the difference between face and body scrubs is that they have a higher percentage of active ingredients that help remove stretch marks, sun spots, keratosis pilaris, dryness and even out the tone and texture of the skin on the legs, arms, back , chest.

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"In general, peels work by helping to weaken the bonds between cells in the top layer of skin, which helps exfoliate or remove dead skin cells," says Garshick. "This gives the skin a refreshed and radiant complexion, as well as improved tone." And all chemical peels help increase cell turnover, which is how they correct skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Body scrubs typically use a specific type of acid, either an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to help break down the bonds between dead skin cells. "Although they are called chemical peels, many of the acids found in them are natural compounds that can be found in plants," says Kerry Benjamin. Marisa Garshick, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, agrees, adding that many of the ingredients used in body scrubs are similar to those used on the face (with different levels of concentration).

How to use body scrub?

Using body scrubs is relatively easy and safe, as long as you follow a few simple steps.

Deanne Mraz Robinson, (MD, FAAD, president and co-founder of Modern Dermatology in Connecticut and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale New Haven Hospital) and Suzanne Friedler, suggest the following process:

1. Easy to use body scrub

  1. Rinse the skin with warm water.
  2. Place a small amount of body scrub in the palm of your hand.
  3. Gently rub it into the skin in small circular motions, using the palm of your hand or an exfoliating glove.
  4. Gently rub the skin for no longer than 30 seconds.
  5. Rinse the skin thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  6. Wash the skin with the usual shower gel. (You can do this sooner.)
  7. Shave, if desired.
  8. Pat your skin dry.
  9. Apply moisturizer.

Body scrubs temporarily disrupt your skin barrier and can dry out your skin. Dermatologist Robinson suggests looking for a product with oil-free sources of hydration, such as ceramides, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid.

Pro tip: Avoid loofahs. Dermatologist Robinson claims that they are magnets for bacteria.

A body scrub can also improve your mood

Yes, you read that right! How?

2. Create a full sensory experience for yourself with aromatic steam

Exfoliating in the shower is convenient, quick and practical, but it means that all the wonderful smelling ingredients are quickly washed down the drain. Use scrubs that contain essential oils. In addition to nourishing our skin, the essential oils in shavings can also be a powerful mood lifter.

Instead of focusing only on your body, create a full sensory experience by putting some essential oil scrub in the corner of the shower. The hot steam will activate and release essential oils into the air, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom and an aromatherapy treat for the mind and mood. Or to extend the experience even more, put a small scoop of the scrub in a muslin face cloth and tie it to the shower head. Inhale the aromas deeply 10 times and enjoy a moment of calm under the warm water. Then untie the cloth and rub the body with it, adding more product as needed.

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3.Exfoliate like a pro to boost your lymphatic system

Being careful when applying the peel has multiple benefits. Not only does it boost exfoliation, enhance your natural glow and prevent clogged pores, it also promotes toxin drainage. Get inspired by the pros – use gentle dry brush strokes to stimulate your lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and making your skin glow. Instead of the hurried, haphazard application that many of us use, this technique requires slow, light and deliberate movements. Take your time with each stroke and take care of the exfoliating grains as they glide across your skin.

Think of it as a spiritual and meaningful moment to reconnect with yourself. Then let it become a habit and feel the sense of harmony that comes from the unification of mind and body.

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