Cruelty-free Perfume Guide: Brands That do Not Test on Animals

Guide to cruelty free perfumes Brands that do not test on animals

How hard is it for you to find a perfume that has not been tested on animals? This is perhaps one of the biggest problems in the market of cruelty-free cosmetics. The market is full of various perfumes that we hardly know have been tested on animals. You may notice that the vast majority of designer brands are cruel to animals because they are widely available where animal testing is required by law (China). In addition, many of these designer perfumes are licensed jobs. Such jobs are an industrial power that tests on animals.

Most of the big powerful perfume brands test their ingredients on animals. In their own perfumes also use ingredients of animal origin. For this reason, most perfumes are not vegan either cruelty-free towards animals.

What is a cruelty-free brand?

A cruelty-free brand is a brand that has confirmed that it does not test on animals at any point during production, nor do their suppliers or third parties.

This applies not only to finished products but also to ingredients. Also these brands are not available for sale in markets that require animal testing.

You can find out the steps to switch to cruelty-free perfumes here.

What is a vegan perfume?

Perfumes mostly contain animal ingredients such as musk, civet, ambergris, castoreum. Vegan perfumes do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. This includes milk and beeswax or honey. Find out more about animal ingredients in perfumes in our article What animal ingredients are in perfumes?

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    Stamps marked with V are vegan perfumes.

    Lista cruelty-free parfema:


    4160Tuesdays (most are vegan, some contain honey or butter)


    Acorelle (V)

    Aesop (V)

    Beloved of Mars (V)

    Archivist (V)


    Billie Eilish Fragrances (V)

    Björk & Berries (V)

    Bloomtown (V)

    Good Perfumer (V)

    By Rosie Jane (V)


    C.O. Bigelow



    Chi Chi (some products contain animal ingredients)

    Clean (V)

    COLABO (V)

    cruelty free parfemi


    DS & Durga (some products contain animal ingredients)

    DedCool (V)

    Define Me (V)

    Dolma (V)


    Here is Bella (V)

    Eden (V)

    Edward Bess

    Elizabeth Grant

    Ellis Brooklyn (V)


    Experimental Perfume Club (V)


    Butterfly (V)

    Flaya (V)

    Florame (V)

    Floral Street (V)

    Forager Botanicals (V)

    Frau Tonis PERFUME - has a vegan option

    Vegans are: 

    No. 05 Aventure

    No. 06 Collective Memory

    No. 08 Eternal Summer

    No. 09 Journal

    No. 11 If You Knew

    No. 12 Heart-catcher

    No. 16 Jardin Vertical

    No. 18 Bogota Berlin

    No. 19 Oud Weiss

    No. 21 Berlin

    No. 22 Hamburg

    No. 26 Yellow Cordt

    No. 30 Arabic Tea


    Gallivant (V)

    Geo F. Trumper (V)

    Glossier - Vegan is: Glossier You Solid

    Good Chemistry (V)


    Harlem Botanica (V)

    Harvey Prince Organics (V)

    Herban Cowboy (V)

    Honore Des Pres


    J.B. Filz (V)

    Jorum Studio

    Juliette has a Gun


    Kat Von D Beauty (V)

    Kierin NYC (V)

    Kingdom Scotland


    Laboratory Perfumes

    Lavanila (has vegan options)

    Layering Lab (V)

    The Minimes Convent (V)

    Le Labo (V) Free Mp3 Download


    Lotus Wei


    LUSH (V)


    Louis Marie House (V)

    Malin + Goetz (Vegetarian)

    Margot & Tita (85% vegan, some use start wax)

    Medeau (F)

    Molton Brown (Vegetarian from 2022 no longer have non-vegan products) 

    My Daughter Fragrances


    NEST Fragrances


    Olivine Atelier (V)



    Pacifica (V)


    Phlur (V)

    Pinrose (V)

    For The World (V)


    Prosody London (V)


    Rainwater Botanicals (V) 

    Ravenscourt Apothecary (V)

    Richard Lüscher Britos (V)  

    ​​Rouge Bunny Rouge (V)


    Sana Jardin (V)

    Scent & Colour (V) 

    Skylar (V)

    Snif (V)

    Stella McCartney (V)

    Strange Invisible (V)


    The 7 Virtues (V)

    The Body Shop (has vegan option)

    The Library of Fragrance (V)

    Toltec (V)

    Tom Daxon

    Trish McEvoy

    Tsi-la (V)


    Absolute Value (V)

    Vered Organic Botanicals

    Vyrao (A)


    Walden Perfumes (V)

    Wit & West Perfumes (V)


    YUNI Beauty (V)



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