How to Apply Perfume? - Professional Tricks

How to Apply Perfume Professional Tricks

When the perfume is dispersed in the right places it can make anyone feels absolutely wonderful. There are many areas on the body where perfume can be sprayed, however knowing the best places to spray perfume and taking care of how to apply the perfume they could just prolong the duration and smell better.

Aside from spraying perfume on your wrists and neck, the reality is that there are a number of key places to spray. So where should you spray perfume? Let's start by saying that they are the best places where the body naturally generates heat - PULSE POINTS and several other key places. "Pulse points" are places on the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emit heat, which can help the scent from your skin pass into the air.

Key pulse points

On the inside of the wrist - This is the most popular place to apply perfume, but why? The pulse points located on your wrist are warm due to the blood pumps closing close to the surface of the skin, making it an ideal place to apply perfume. Think of thin skin and you have a good place to spray.


Behind the earlobes is typical, but another less common place they are the tips of the ears because the skin is not so dry. Oily skin actually retains odor better than dry skin. So make sure you hydrate before applying the fragrance. Anywhere in the ear area will give your perfume a chance to linger after a close encounter. We like this area because when you hug someone, the smell will be visible but will not stay on the person after the hug.

pulse points for perfume

Inside the elbows

Another pulse point is the inside of the elbows, which in addition to emitting an improved odor, it also serves to lightly conceal odors in the folds of the hands - perfect for longer diffusion. Apply perfume to this area when wearing a sleeveless shirt and notice how the aroma stands out throughout the day.

Throat, chest / heart area

Beautiful and sensual area for applying perfume, the heart is the center of your pulse points. And when romance is in the air, your heart beats and your natural body temperature rises which means your perfume will be activated. You notice that you smell more of your perfume when you spray it here.

Behind the knee

It's certainly not the first place you may have thought of, but when you spray perfume behind your knee, the heat of your body makes the scent travel upwards. As you move throughout the day, the aroma of your scent will slowly be released and spread upwards.

tricks for applying perfume pulse points

Other key areas of the body

Feet / ankles

An area of ​​the body that is in constant motion, spraying leaves and ankles with perfume is not only refreshing, but will help you carry your scent wherever you go.

where to apply perfume


Your hair is actually one of the best places to spray perfume because the strands hold the scent well and leave a scent trail as you move. The head is a familiar place where heat escapes from the body. From walking past a person on the street to cuddling to making love on the couch, your hair will leave an unforgettable note.

Hips, inner thighs, navel

You might just want to experiment here when planning romantic dates and see what happens! Tap a few drops of perfume in place of the navel if you wear a short top or bikini. Any area on your body that radiates heat will intensify the scent, and your navel does just that.

Clavicle, upper part

Maximize the strength of your perfume by using your collarbone and décolleté (neck, shoulders and back) spray. The added bonus of wearing a top with straps and deep necklines means that there is an extra surface from which the scent can be exuded.

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