13 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Make Your Perfume Last All Day

13 Quick and Simple Tips to Make Your Perfume Last All Day

Although wearing a fragrance is easy, a little more knowledge is needed for its longevity. And one of the biggest challenges everyone faces is that their favorite scent lasts for the first few hours.

What most people don’t realize is that there are best practices for applying perfume, many of which can extend its durability and shelf life. Some quick and easy adjustments in storage and application could prolong the fine scent. Follow our tips for best results!

1. Apply after showering

Your perfume will last the longest if you apply it immediately after showering, but before dressing. When you get out of the shower, your skin and body temperature are high, and we know that heat helps to spread fragrance. Besides, it's yours skin clean and without sweat and excess fat, which can reduce the smell. Your pores are open, and your skin is naturally hydrated from water - and hydrated skin retains its scent. Of course, you don’t want to spray perfume while your skin is wet. Dry your skin by tapping, apply moisturizer to trap all that hydration, and then spray a little scent.

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2. Moisturize the skin before applying

Moist, supple skin retains its scent more than dry skin. After drying with a towel, moisturise the skin with an odorless lotion, body butter or oil (like coconut or jojoba oil), making sure to hit your pulse points. The notes of your perfume will stick to the product, increasing its longevity.

3. Apply to your pulse points

There is actually a functional reason why we apply perfume to our pulse points (such as the inside of the wrists and elbows, behind the ears, on the neck, the back of the knees, etc.). The skin is thinnest in these places, which means it is closer to your blood and body heat. As the scent heats up, the aroma process begins. The heat helps to spread the scent. Find out what the pulse points are for applying perfume in the article How to Apply Perfume? - Professional Tricks.

4. Do not rub perfume

Many women believe that rubbing perfume into their wrists helps activate fragrance compounds and maintain longevity. It just makes the top notes burn a little faster. Try tapping your wrists instead of creating friction. You can also pat your wrist on your hand, on your neck or where you want to apply a little scent.

5. Loosen your hair

Apply the perfume on your brush or comb and go through dry hair for extra scent. However, avoid applying directly to the hair as this can cause drying and damage.

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6. Be reasonable

It is quite common for perfumes to be stored in the bathroom. It makes sense to keep it among the others cosmetic products, Is it? However, this can actually speed up the expiration process. The bathroom is a part of the home that tends to fluctuate in temperature and humidity, which can break down the smell and strength of the scent. Heat and light also damage the molecular structure of the perfume. Therefore, for best results, store your perfume in a cool and dark place outside the bathroom still away from sunlight. Some experts even recommend refrigerator!

7. Keep in the original bottle

Do not pour perfume into another bottle. The less air enters your scent, the better. For that reason, it is a good idea to keep perfumes in their original packaging. Also store the original storage box to prevent incoming light and damage.

8. Pack wisely

In no case you must not shake your perfume. It also allows air to enter, which it can reduce the quality of your scent and shorten its lifespan. Be careful when traveling with your favorite scents. Pack them in a safe place and in a way that will keep movement to a minimum.

9. Be cunning with grooming

If you still think your perfume is fading by noon, spray cotton wool or pads to keep them in a zip bag for a purse or backpack. The next time you need a grooming, just tap your spray points. This is much easier and more convenient than carrying a full bottle!

10. Research the notes

Perfumes are sold in different concentrations, which means they will some naturally last longer than others. The special notes of the perfume also play a factor in its lasting strength. For example, deep notes, such as leather, wood, musk or vanilla, are harder and slower to evaporate.. Lighter notes, like those of floral and citrus, on the other hand, evaporate faster.

11. Change perfumes with the seasons

During the summer, a brighter and more vibrant scent is perfect. Why? The heat of these months means the smells fade faster. So, ideally it is something light and fresh that can be re-applied often without being overdone.

12. Note the expiration date

If your bottle has reached its peak, it means that most of the fragrance has evaporated and will not last that long on your skin — plus, it's not such a good idea to continue using a rancid perfume anyway. Basically, the perfume stands out when it interacts with air, heat and sunlight, and if there isn’t too much alcohol and stabilizers in the formula to keep it fresh (pure scents usually skip many of them), this process can happen faster. You can get the most out of your scent by keeping it in a cool place away from sunlight (note: not in the bathroom).

13. Apply to clothes

As already mentioned, we suggest spraying the perfume directly on damp skin before dressing. However, for those who enjoy adding extra splash to fabrics, spraying your clothes with scent can help achieve a longer lasting scent. Some materials hold the scent better than others. Another secret of the scent is to line your drawers with a tissue and then spray the paper. Folded clothes will soak up just a hint of perfume, and your drawers will smell amazing every time you open them.

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